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Diversity Data Analytics & AI Solutions 

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Data-driven DEI Strategy on a Platform

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Here's how TEXpert AI is helping companies implement data-driven diversity strategies 

Diversity Data Collection

Powerful Diversity Analytics


Precise AI-powered Diverse Candidate Screening


That's how we do it

TEXpert AI is a unified DEI Data Analytics SaaS that harnesses organisational data to guide hiring and other diversity-related strategies. Our insightful analytics identify gaps in diversity and inclusion across intersecting categories of identity and enable targeted strategies. Our platform leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) in AI for precise candidate-opportunity matching and statistical models that empower companies to make hiring more equitable for minority groups and address underrepresentation in their workforce.  


If you are looking to diversify your workforce, you are in the right place

Analyse your workforce, identify DE&I gaps and set diversity-related targets. Embrace data-driven hiring and unlock the revenue potential of highly skilled and diverse teams.


TEXpert AI Analytics

TEXpert AI Analytics

Our insightful people analytics help you drive change and manage the Social component of ESG, your Impact Agenda & internal human capital from a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion angle 

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Powerful Diversity Analytics Solution that turns your workforce & portfolio data into actionable insights and complements your diversity reports.  

Improve Your Workforce Diversity With
Data-driven Legitimate Positive Action


Leverage our analytics to identify underrepresented groups in your workforce. Set intelligent DEI targets and our algorithms will find underrepresented candidates who are the closest match to your job requirements from your applicant pool. 

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