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Welcome to TEXpert Ai

By way of introduction, I am Drishdey Caullychurn, Founder & CEO of TEXpert. Prior to that, I spent a decade at global investment banks trading and managing assets, liabilities, and capital globally.  My credentials are enhanced by an MBA from Imperial College London where I've broadened my skill sets in technology, digital strategy, and machine learning.


In the past 10 years, I’ve lived in Africa, Asia & Europe, which enabled me to gain a first-hand appreciation of a plethora of cultures and the inherent biases that inhabit us all.  This instructive journey refined my understanding of people from diverse backgrounds as well as the role that biases play in organisational decision-making. 


Professionally, I've always been one of the few women in a traditionally male-dominated industry and perceived this as a problem that needs to be addressed. Lately, a slew of studies has confirmed that diversity fosters higher and more sustainable performance for teams and organisations, which makes it now more important than ever for companies to hire diverse teams. Hence, I founded TEXpert, a diversity data solution that enables companies to identify gaps and promote equitable opportunity for diverse talent - a nice blend of my skill set and passion.  


Drishdey Caullychurn

     Founder & CEO

Janet Murray is an experienced business coach in residence at Imperial College London & consultant with over twenty years’ experience in both the corporate world and as a successful entrepreneur. As an experienced entrepreneur herself, Janet is an invaluable resource as an advisor. She has been giving her insights on various aspects, including team building, pitch deck, customer discovery & funding landscape since TEXpert’s inception and knows the business very well.

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Originally from South America, I moved to the UK to pursue my education a decade ago. My journey was an eye-opener, it enabled me to find and appreciate the uniqueness in people I’ve met along the way and my lived experience showed me the importance and the need for equity and more diverse and inclusive work environments.


So, I decided to put my 10 years of experience gained in the Aerospace & Software industry towards creating tech for good as an entrepreneurial venture.


During the past 5 years, I’ve worked with multidisciplinary teams at companies such as Airbus & Revolut where I’ve gained valuable experience across several industries.I strongly believe in a data-driven approach to achieving DE&I in an organisation, where I can leverage my skills in programming and building software applications that have been previously proven to increase productivity & ROI. Hence, I joined TEXpert AI to drive the software development process.

Janet Murray


Together we are delivering TEXpert's mission to fight underrepresentation of minority groups by enabling data-driven DE&I strategies 

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